Friday, March 8, 2013

Clark's Space/Sci-Fi Nursery

This space has come such a long way. It started as a dingy, dark, brown guest room with a silver ceiling and a spray painted fan. There was nothing attractive or inviting about this space. I wanted something bright and cheery, but neutral enough to easily change when we have another baby. To achieve this we went with light gray paint on the walls and a light blue ceiling. I love how just a change in paint took this room from a scary cave to a cheerful baby space. Speaking of space, we didn't want to overdue the theme, so everything space/sci-fi related can be changed out for a different theme down the line. We have a couple more things we would like to do later this summer, but for now this room is exactly what we want to bring Clark home to.

Now for some before and afters. The dark silver ceiling really made the room feel closed in and added to the dark feel. The ceiling fan had been spray painted to match the silver on the ceiling. Dark chocolate walls didn't allow for any light to bounce around the room.

We added light gray walls, a blue ceiling and a new brushed nickel ceiling fan. A solar system mobile and Doctor Who accents add to the space/sci-fi theme.

The closet doors had the same silver as the ceiling. To make the room more open, and to provide a little hide away for Clark, we took down the doors and added yellow curtains instead. Inside the closet there are bookshelves that have his books and toys so he can cuddle up and play/read.

We wanted a solar system mural on one of the walls, but we wanted it to be subtle. So, we went with white vinyl instead of a bright color. I'm still a little unsure about this decision, but I'm willing to live with it. After spending half a day putting those stickers on I'm not about to change it anytime soon.

As a little nod to Clark's namesake we added some Superman accents in the form of an original Superman record cover and a Metropolis print. His "C" initial is covered with a Daily Planet print fabric.

Some things we would still like to do:
* Add shelves above the bed
* Hang a star mobile I made above his crib
* Hang his name in wooden letters that where made for him by a friend. I want to take his picture with them first.
* Paint inside the closet (maybe the same blue as the ceiling)
* Add a rug
* Make a mini floor cushion for the closet
* Add some room darkening curtains
* Hang his height chart behind the door
* Save up for a nice solar system quilt for the bed

Room Details
Paint (I'll get back to you on that one)
Crib: Ikea Gulliver
Dresser: Ikea Hemnes
Rocker/Glider: Awesome Pottery Barn Deal
Dr. Who Posters: Think Geek
Dr. Who Tardis Lamp: Think Geek
Dr. Who Tardis Nightlight: Think Geek
Superman Record Cover: Local record store
Metropolis Print: Gift
Daily Planet Fabric on letter 'C': Flannel from Jo-Ann Fabrics
Solar System Vinyl: Sissy Little on Etsy
Solar System Mobile: Amazon

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The time I told the husband

I had been planning how I would tell the husband I was pregnant for a very long time. I had about three years to decide what I wanted to do, and I finally got the chance to do it.  Here are the results:

A few things:

The husband and I are total geeks so QR codes was an obvious choice.  I use this site on "plain text" mode to create, download and print each code.

Scavenger hunts have been a tradition in our family for announcements and/or present finds.

Did you catch the "bun in the oven" (or hamburger bun in the toaster oven) hint I gave him early on?  He didn't until much later on.

I giggle/laugh when I'm nervous, therefore I giggle and laugh at pretty much everything in this video.

Sorry about the yellow tint to the entire video, someone forgot to set the white balance.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Finally Mother!

Baby boy will be joining our family sometime around March 13th. Stay tuned to learn more about our journey through infertility and pregnancy.